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large_sd_logo.jpgSweet Dreams Cake App is a fun and exciting way to learn the art of cake decorating, right from your own kitchen. For many people, taking the time and money to sign up for a local craft or cake store class just isn’t feasible. Sweet Dreams Cake App provides a way to learn the basic skills of cake decorating at a fraction the expense and without the hassle of taking a class.

Learn basic skills like how to ice a cake and fill decorating bags, piping and smoothing the surface of your cakes, rolling and using fondant, and much more. With video tutorials, recipes, icing color mixers, and advanced batter, fondant, and icing calculators, Sweet Dreams Cake App provides the tools you’ll need to succeed in this new adventure.

Available in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play App Store

Price: $4.99

Reported Issues:

Some iOS users have reported that they are only able to hear video sound via their headphones. This is caused by an issue within the device (most likely due to a recent iOS update), NOT the app. The app has been fully tested on all devices and works as expected. If you encounter sound issues with the SD videos, please either visit an Apple Store for assistance, or search for “no sound after 5.1.1 update.” We have included additional troubleshooting links on the support page as well.

If you have a scanning app on your device and want to jump directly to the app page, scan the image below. You can also use this link: Get the App!

Text Errors:

We have found 2 textual errors that will be fixed in future releases. In the meantime, we wanted to make our users aware of them:

1) In the Alternate Cake Recipe it should read:
“Use only whites if making a white cake”; not “when making the cake.”

2) In the Royal Icing Recipe it should read:
C. If icing is too thin, add more sugar
D. If icing is too stiff add more water, ½ tsp. at a time, until the desired consistency.

Sample Tutorial:

This is a sample tutorial from the app, showing how to make a corn starch puff for your cake decorating projects. It is used for dusting your surfaces, projects, or for making gumpaste flowers, and is super easy to make.


Demo Video:

Here is the demo video for the app, which will highlight some of the features.

Filled with Features:

The Sweet Dreams Cake App features Video Tutorials, Calculators, Color Tools, and other Resources to help you learn the art of cake decorating.

Video Tutorials:

With over 35 Tutorials, you’ll have the basics of cake decorating at your fingertips. Each Tutorial includes a full list of necessary supplies, step-by-step videos, and accompanying text to show you in detail how to complete each project or basic skill.

Icing, Fondant, and Batter Calculator:

With this advanced calculator, you can easily estimate your fondant, icing, and batter needs. Based on pan shape and size, this calculator also helps you estimate baking time and temperature.

Color Tools:

Mixing icing colors and picking colors can often be a challenge. Now, with the Sweet Dreams Cake App, our color tools will assist you in picking project colors, as well as mixing icing colors with our quick reference mixing tool.

And So Much More!

Below you will find our initial teaser “commercial.” Thank you for your support, we hope that you will help us get the word out about this great new app!

To reach the support page for the Sweet Dreams Cake App, click here.

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