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Elvis Cupcakes: Banana cake with chocolate ganache, peanut butter icing, bacon and caramelized bananas

**UPDATE: Please note that I have recently learned that Disco Dust is now being considered non-toxic but not edible and should only be used on decorations that will be removed and not consumed. In the case of these cupcakes, you … Continue reading

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Severed Finger Candy

Halloween is almost here so I couldn’t wait to show you my latest creations made with my newest toy; the severed finger mold from Sugar Delites. A few weeks ago I received my monthly newsletter email from Sugar Delites in … Continue reading

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Snickers Cake: Bring on the Sugar Coma

Last week my husband needed to bring a dessert to a men’s BBQ he was attending at our church. Instead of searching through my recipe books for something to make, I decided to come up with my own creation. What … Continue reading

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A Marriage Made in the Kitchen: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes

If ever there were two flavors that were completely destined to be together, it is chocolate and peanut butter. In my opinion, they are such a perfect couple that they should never be allowed to separate. When I was recently … Continue reading

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Cake Push-Ups and a Sweet Giveaway

Cake is coming in all sorts of different forms nowadays. You are probably familiar with the popularity of cake balls and cake pops but have you seen the newest trend to come around, cake push-ups? I just recently discovered these … Continue reading

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